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Is Sky Blue Credit Repair your Choice?

Sky Blue Credit like other credit repair companies offers to assess your credit position at a fee. Priding itself as being in existence for twenty six years in the credit repair business the South Florida based company seeks to offer customers a fast, efficient and cost friendly experience. The big question on one’s mind is has anyone ever used Sky Blue before it can be a daunting task to get a friendly credit review company.

What Can Sky Blue Credit Repair Do For You?

sky_blue_creditA poor credit score can hinder your accessibility to loans Also what comes in mind is whether actually you need a credit repair company to review your credit information when you can actually do it for yourself. Due to their relevant experience credit experts can be able to spot some information which one cannot see. According to, Sky Blue Credit Repair comes in at #3 and they believe they offer the best customer service experience of all the credit repair companies out there.

This is based on a tested winning formula of various methods Every disputed credit item is analyzed and with the right techniques attention is given in servicing them The company also boasts of having a dedicated workforce who have expertise in analyzing at your credit information. The staff offer advice on how to manage your credit and improve your credit score. When it comes to cost you should evaluate whether it will be cheaper to have your credit status analyzed by credit repair companies.

Does Sky Blue Offer Any Guarantee’s?

There is a refund guarantee offered during the first three months in case of customer dissatisfaction The company offers a ‘pay as you go’ plan .A standard 59$ fee is applied per month .There is also an option to terminate the contract in case you feel the service is not suitable to you.

With their guarantee offer Sky blue has an edge over other credit repair companies The faster delivery of services[15 credit items for 35 days,5 per bureau] and pay as you go [feature makes it an attractive offer They have customized services to suit a customer’s needs They also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau [BBB].Being in the industry for 26 years makes them have invaluable experience on the credit repair business and earn trust from new customers.

Before picking up this service it is advisable to get review from other customers who have used it before. lf you not able to analyze your own credit information then a credit repair company would come in handy. Finding a cost-friendly company that offers fast delivery of results is easier as most companies have information online with plenty of reviews from customers.


How To Avoid Most Common Credit Repair Myths

Are you aware that most common credit repair myths can be avoided? Yes,according to this statement it is very true. Credit repair is not a difficult process but there are a lot of credit repair myths that can easily confuse people who are ignorant of the best course of credit repair. You don’t have to disturb other people on how to repair your credit report, this is simply because the capacity to do it yourself is within you but ensure that you are not fooled by any misinformation. Some of the most common credit repair myths and how they can be avoided include:

Building good credit can offset the bad

Many people tend to think that since they were late payers for a couple of times, rebuilding good credit will aid them to offset the bad credit and give them the chance of being credit worthy. Too bad for them because this is not the actual fact, this is because the amount of bad credit greatly affects the chances of being approved for new lines of credit. People tend to think that one or two payments can not lead to a loan denial this is absolutely not true because even a little credit will cost you a lot and this creditors will always refuse to approve your request until you send in the appropriate credit repair letters.

The debt gets removed off from your credit report as you pay it off

One should be aware that your entire credit history is always shown in the credit report. Even if you have paid all your debts this is always included, that is why one should be more careful because any negative credit information can remain on your credit report for a number of years. For example, a bankruptcy can remain on your credit report for about 8 years.

Declaration of one to be bankrupt can help one begin to rebuild their credit report.

BankruptcyIt is clear that there are many negative items that are related to bankruptcy but it is very difficult to remove all traces. We find that there are a number of bankruptcy lawyers who do not explain vividly the consequences of bankruptcy to the consumer that is financially stressed. All the credit account that you may decide to include, be aware that it will be included in the bankruptcy account as you file the bankruptcy. The discharge listing and a bankruptcy filing will automatically appear in the court records.

A number of negative listing that cannot be removed

Too sad that many people are of the opinion that there are negative listing such as foreclosures that are not possible to be removed from their credit report but this is not a true fact. lt is clear that the negative items pertaining unpaid debts and bankruptcies are not easy to remove from your credit report, but this is possible. lt is possible for all negative listings to be removed from your report.

From the above myths and the possible ways to avoid them we conclude that if one is keen on improving his credit, his best course will be aggressive credit repair strategy. This is automatically the best choice for one especially if your loan offers are being rejected, the main objective hereby is to improve your score.

Why believe in myths?

When the truth has been clearly stated. Fill yourself with the true facts and this will result to a job that is well done and you will soon start appreciating yourself.